Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm a lightweight...

when it comes to sun-exposure. I swear, it takes me 15 minutes or less to burn to a crisp. Incidentally, I was outside longer than that yesterday. The trouble is that I was truly enjoying the day! Alas.

So, yesterday was gorgeous. Breezy, sunny, not very humid... perfect. Luckily, it was my day off. We decided to spend the day job searching for the boyfriend extraordinaire. Specifically bartending jobs. Being in NYC, one would think there would be plenty of bartending jobs. And there may be... they're just for girls :). There was an open call yesterday for this really cool place, so we decided to go.

While the boyfriend was in the interview and stuff, I found myself a place to sit and read. It was a pretty cool spot cause it was right on the Hudson - not that I wanna spend much time looking out at NJ, but whatever. It was a perfect place to enjoy the day.

I mean, beautiful water... great weather... quiet pier... fun book... Just a perfect day off. See? I was a happy girl!

Of course, I didn't realize I was burning. And I didn't find that out till late last night. At that point, I had a serious farmers burn. And no... I'm not going to put up a picture of that! Burned from wrist to upper elbow.... and tops of my knees down to my ankles. It's super attractive.

So yeah... I'm still a bit miserable from that. I would do it again though - perhaps with a tank top on or something so I didn't get all weirdly burned. Oh well. c'est la vie.

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