Monday, July 27, 2009

Birfday Week!!

Back when I was making my vacation schedule, I did something smart. I took off an entire week for my birthday. In past years, I have taken off the day of, or a few days surrounding it... but never the whole week. And let me tell you... it's been blissful!

The first few days, we just took delight in sleeping in and playing video games and reading (well, the reading is just me). I think I've finished four books on this vacation - and started a fifth... ahem.

Then on Monday we opted to get out and go somewhere.... namely Coney Island. I had been down there before - but that was all before the big move to the city. Boyfriend extraordinaire had never been there and was anxious to see it - even though it did make him nostalgic for living five minutes from a beach (which he has had his whole life until now). We didn't so much get into doing a beach day as we did walking the boardwalk and people watching - of which there is TONS. We also found an arcade that has his ultimate, favorite, most wonderful arcade game ever... it's an xmen six player game. Apparently we're going to own it one day. Ahem.

Tuesday was really a shopping day - my choice... which it usually isn't. But I had some coupons (of course), so I decided to treat myself. So we shopped and that night we went to see Bruno. It was... uhm... interesting. That was the boyfriend's choice, but he was also a huge Borat fan. I'm indifferent, I suppose.

Wednesday was my actual birthday - and we went down to the Lower East Side to go to a restaurant I've been wanting to go to. It's called Peanut Butter Co... everything they have is some type of peanut butter sandwich. yum!!! We also went to a video game store that specializes in old stuff... and there's tons of it. Boyfriend was in heaven. I also got one of the worlds best fruit tarts for my "birthday cake" slash treat. This is why I love Martha's Bakery!!

Anyway, on Thursday I did a massive amount of laundry that I had been putting off... then I spent the afternoon being pampered. Hello mani/pedi! The place was wonderful and fairly inexpensive. I'm totally going back sometime. Then I had to pack and pack some more.

On Friday I traveled to Nashville to visit with my family for a few days. I got to see everyone I wanted to see... which is a miracle :) - even if some were only for a moment. I also got to see my lil' brother's new pad... I am jealous of all the space in their apartment... but alas. I did birthday dinner with the whole fam, which was awesome. And it was made even more awesome by chocolate mousse crepes with raspberry puree... my prefered birthday "cake." I also had the charge of going through some of my boxes that I left down there - mostly of books. I went through a few, but the boxes seem never ending. But I suppose that's the way it is sometimes.

I had the flight from Hades last night trying to get home... let's just say I finally got back about an hour and a half later than we were supposed to. I'm just glad I had a good book to get me through!

Now I have one last day to be lazy and peaceful before I throw myself back into work - which is not at all going to start off slow. It will be more like being shot from a cannon. Looking forward to that. Ahem. I'm off to enjoy my last day of freedom!

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