Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do I get to be a "GAMER" now?

When does a person officially get to call themselves a gamer? What exactly are the requirements? Cause I've had a gamer-licious weekend... and I think I qualify.

Before this I've always loved the simple/puzzle games. Such as...
Luxor - any version works for me, but I'm currently working on 3 :) (both xbox and computer versions).

Cradle of Rome - a little similar to Jewel Quest (Wii version).

Jewel Quest - (both xbox and computer versions).

And so on.
If it's a puzzle game, I'm all there. I love that stuff - probably because it's not really all that strenuous. But the truth is that a lot of games are ruled out because of their camera angles. Anything that's a "first person shooter"... or whatever that would be for a non-shooting game... I can't play. It makes me sick. It's pretty pathetic, huh? Those are the kinds of games that my boyfriend truly loves and gets addicted to.

But he wanted to find me some stuff to play, so last year he bought the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game for his xbox and sat me down to it. It was good and all - I just got really stuck and I didn't get to play very often anyway. So I stuck with playing Rockband with him, and life was good. Ps... Rockband is awesome. I love it.

But lately, the next Harry Potter game has come out - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... and of course boyfriend extraordinaire purchased it for my birthday (yes, it came out before the movie... w000t!). Another early gift, by the way.

Ever since he purchased it, I've been extremely obsessed with it. As in, I've spent hours playing that game and have pretty much finished it - there are a few things I haven't gotten yet, but I went through the whole story and got almost all of the little reward things I'm supposed to get. So yeah! I'm feelin pretty good about it... and it was a lot of fun.

Weekend wasted, but title earned? I think so :).

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