Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Beginning

There's something so refreshing about starting a new blog. I've done it a few times - and it's always cause I'm tired of the format of the old blog. But for the sake of continuity - here is the old blog url. I used that one for, like, four years... I think. Something like that. It's pretty intense, whatever it is.

I never really write about anything life changing - just basic life stuff. I've been living in NYC for a year and a half - being a Librarian and loving it! I'm still experiencing the city in different ways. Sometimes it's quite a trip, but at least that's always a trip!

Lately I've noticed that you can do anything ridiculous and people don't look at you crazy. I mean, usually you feel embarased if you trip on the sidewalk... here, not so much. The other day I accidentally ran our Danger Cart (aka the granny cart) into the ground with it packed with laundry. I looked like such a dweeb... but no one blinked an eye. Guess that's one of the wonderful things about the city.

Well, I just wanted to start out the blog and such. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging more regularly here :). One can hope, huh?

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  1. Yay for new blogs!! Two Farmers start a new blog in one week, how crazy is that?