Wednesday, June 8, 2011

List #fail

I'm super bad at completing projects.** Like really, really bad. Even when it's something I love. Take scrapbooking for instance. I can spend days on end working on a scrapbook and be a very happy girl. Aside from reading, it's one of my favorite solitary activies (that can turn into a group activity in awesomness :)). But I have a couple of older scrapbooks that still aren't complete. One stands out as being completely unfinished. A few more lack some finishing touches - and rarely do they feel done.

I'm also super bad at completing lists. I love making lists - almost to the point of being ridiculous. Yes, I'm one of those who starts a list and adds things I've already done to it - just so I can cross them off. And typically I end up losing the list before I finish all of the items on it. Unless it's a packing list... those are pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately, when you put a list online for all who care to rad it, you seem to be more of a failure for not completing it. And that's where I stand with this whole 30X30 list that I put up here almost a year ago. Barf.

Of course, I did complete a few items on the list. Uhm... but see explanation for adding things because I already knew I would complete them. So yeah. #fail.

Honestly, I really like all of the items on the list. I think it would be a fun one for anyone to attempt. I'm wondering if I should bother making it more of a life goals list. I mean, I could add a few things on there that I knew would never happen in a year (as though any of it did). I'm not gonna commit to that here online... as we know how well that went the first time.

I almost forgot. I have excuses prepared for my noncompletion of said list!
Well... one big excuse, really.
Starts with a "wed" and ends in a "ding." :)
Seriously, who knew that would be such a time and brain drain?! Everyone, I suppose. I was just hoping that it wouldn't consume me. And it did.

Speaking of the big event, I'm gonna have pictures to show off! I've seen the proofs and we're waiting on the CD. So I can pretty much promise that the next update is going to be all wedding related. And picture-fied.

Until then, my little chickadees. :)

**I will say that this doesn't seem to carry over to my work life. I always seem super successful at completing stuff at work. Odd.

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