Sunday, July 25, 2010

30 by 30

I have one year until I turn 30. There are things I would like to have accomplished before then. Here is my bucketlist:

1. Get Married
2. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
3. Have lobster in New England
4. Get another tattoo
5. Begin learning another language
6. Buy a lottery ticket
7. Pay off my credit card
8. Learn to drive a manual car
9. Write a short story or novel. Submit it and frame the rejection letter.
10. Go snorkeling or scuba diving
11. Visit Disney Harry Potter
12. Go on a Day Cruise
13. Take an art/craft/cooking class
14. Go Bungee Jumping
15. Start journaling again - weekly
16. Watch IMDB's Top 100 Movies
17. Visit a Psychic/Palm Reader
18. See Wicked on Broadway
19. Visit a Primary Care doctor when I'm not sick
20. Go to a taping of a T.V. Show
21. Learn a new recipe monthly
22. Go on a carriage ride through Central Park
23. Go whale watching
24. Ride a Motorcycle
25. Create a budget and stick to it
26. Volunteer for 30 hours
27. Swim with dolphins
28. Create a weight goal and get there
29. Go up the Empire State Building & Top of the Rock
30. Get a professional massage

Bonus: Dye hair a fun color

I know some of these things seem really easy, but I only have one year, people! Hopefully I can get it all done. My intention is to blog about each of these things as I check them off.

Do you have anything I should add? Nothing terribly expensive, of course. Gotta budget! :)

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  1. All in the next 12 months? Better get cracking. Impressive list.