Friday, October 9, 2009

Inadvertant Design

You wouldn't think it, but being a Librarian has given me way more variety than I ever thought possible. Obviously the whole reference question thing is the basis of it all... but it only blooms from there. One minute I'm a computer tech and the next I'm an event planner.

Our latest event has turned me into something completely different - a fashion show coordinator. This is, of course, something I would have never expected. Particularly as fashion is obviously not my forte. Though, perhaps I can claim craftiness.

But thankfully it's not just the fashion thing (I love Project Runway as much as the next person... but I'm no guru. Obvs). Of course, I didn't realize how much more it would take to plan a fashion show rather than one of our regular programs. It significantly more, actually.

To be specific, the program is going to be BUBBLE WRAP FASHION!!! YAY! What a great idea, huh? I can't claim it - is was one of my coworkers. Genius, I say! (ps i have no idea who this chick is... it was the only non-risque pic of someone wearing bubble wrap.) Anyway, this program is going to be awesome.
That is, if I can get it together. This means picking music, decorations, prizes, etc. so much more than I really wanted to get myself into... but there it is.
It just reminds me so much that being a Librarian (specifically for teens/kids) is just tons more than just answering reference questions. I guess I'm thankful for that - at least, I will be when the stress wears off from doing these programs.
Whew! Fashion design, here I come!! w000t! :)

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