Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is Upon Us!

Contrary to what you may believe, I do actually pull my head out of books sometimes. Today I've realized that Fall is upon us. I am, of course, shocked by it... because I'm pretty sure I was thinking about how hot it was days ago. And when I say "days," it's possible that I really mean "weeks." That's how time is moving for me at the moment.

I suppose it hit me mostly this morning when I woke up freezing - and then came to work to hang my Fall-themed sign for a display. Go figure. The taking-out-of-the-AC-unit yesterday only gave me a vague notion that it might not get hot anymore... but it still didn't hit home. I guess I'm unobservant like that.

Of course, Fall means that work is back in the groove of having our after school kids coming in... and then being kicked out. Always fun. I've only been cursed at twice so far - so I'm doing pretty good! And our programs and stuff are about to kick off (which has been stressful, but it will be a nice chance of pace once we get things going).

I'm really not used to needing a coat in the mornings - which has resulted in me being very cold walking to work. Maybe I'll start hanging some sort of coat on the door handle so it's impossible for me to leave without one. Knowing me, that probably won't work... but doesn't hurt to have good intentions.

Speaking of good intentions - I've given up candy. This doesn't sound like that big of a thing... if you don't know me. Lately I've realized exactly how much candy I'm attacking and it's just not good. My teeth are pretty much going to fall out, I'm sure. But yeah. I'm on day four right now - and it hasn't been easy. The darn vending machine at work has decided to be stocked with some of my faves. It's totally against me. But I'm staying strong and hoping I don't die of lack-of-sugar-poisoning :). I'm sure that exists.

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