Friday, April 9, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

The time of making excuses has finally arrived. It's been.... a few months since I posted anything. Which would beg the question, "what exactly have you been doing that you couldn't simply update a little blog?!" The answer is nothing and everything. That doesn't make sense, does it?

I'm just gonna go ahead and list my excuses and hope for better things in the future. Here are the numerous reasons I've been lame lately:

Reason #1:
The Rough Winter
Yes, this is a real reason. Sort of. Spring is finally here and now I can "look back" on the winter and think, "Thank God that's over!" Did the winter keep me from blogging? Sure, yeah. Why not. Okay, no. Why don't I blame the winter for being depressing and that is what kept me from blogging. Ta da! See how well that works out?! Ahem.

Reason #2:
Wedding Planning
This one is real! w000t! I'm pumped to have a real reason. See, now. Wedding planning has taken over my life. For realz. Okay, maybe it didn't warrent the "z," but I have spent a lot of brain power on it. I even have made one of those "The Knot" websites... because apparently that's what you're supposed to do. Ours needs to be updated, actually. see? Something to do! We've made a few decisions, so things are progressing nicely. Location? Check. Date? Check. It's actually one year from today. Convenient, huh?? I sure thought so.

Reason #3:
Erm. Neighborhood Drama?
Yeah, this isn't a reason. I just wanted to put this picture up. One day a couple of Saturdays ago, there was some big fire in one of the buildings on my street. All of the residents were outside and we kinda, maybe had a front row seat from our window. I don't think there was tons of damage or anything. Everything seemed to work out okay. This picture was when they were putting everything away and it took more people than I would imagine to put away the fire hoses. So yeah. That's what that is. Again, not a reason.

Reason #4
Family Visits
This is another one of those semi-legitimate reasons. It's legit because we have had to take trips to visit people - a few times to Rhode Island and once to Tennessee. Those didn't take up so much time that it made a difference, but I'm listing them anyway. Picture on the left is me on the train to RI (I think it was freezing)... picture on the right is of our insane, impulsive roadtrip to TN. All of which included wedding conversations, so technically these could be included in reason #2. But I'm going to move right along...

Reason #5:
We've Done Stuff
I know this is going to come as a shock to some of you, but we've actually gone out and done some stuff in the last few months. This includes awesome things like seeing comics like John Caparulo, going to Knicks games, etc. See? Awesome NYC-ish stuff :). The plan is to continue doing said things - there's lots of stuff we need to do before we move away (in a few years (assuming the economy cooperates)).

Reason #6:
This is a pretty good excuse, if I do say so myself. It's been crazy around the library lately. A good crazy, I think... but most definitely time consuming and constant (a good thing that I don't want to change!!). Oh, and this picture is from the subway station I get off at every day to go to work. I wouldn't recommend going to the station... it always seems to smell like pee. Very, very gross. Again, not recommended.

Reason #7:
Uhm. Videogames?
Okay, so I may or may not have gotten addicted to the latest Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. And by that, I mean, "I definitely got addicted." My poor little thumb can attest to that. I couldn't feel the end of my thumb (or it was all crazy-tingly) for about 48 hours. Children, this is the risk you run when you game for more than a few hours at a time! Ahem, I don't even know how long I worked on it. But I beat the game! At least, I saved the princess. Now I have all these other things I gotta do, but I'm not so obsessed with doing that asap. But yes, I spent hours and hours on this game. Hours I could have been blogging. Shame on me. shame.

Reason #8:
Another SUPER-LEGIT reason! Seriously. I've read... what, 32 books so far this year? Something like that. Which is averaging about 10 books a month. Not too bad, I'd say. At this rate I'll have 120 before it's all said and done. But the point is that reading all of these books takes a LOT of time. My "to be read" pile hasn't gone beneath 10-15 books at a time. I guess that's a good thing - gives me lots of options for things to read! Note: the picture here is not one of my piles of books. I got it online. But my stack of books feels like that sometimes! It's a good thing I don't spend my own money buying them - I'd be broker than I am already! :)

I think 8 reasons is good enough, right? I'm just going to go with it. I suppose this is sort of "Our Spring in a Nutshell." It's a big nutshell, but nonetheless.

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  1. HEY! Just stopping in to tell you Congrats on your upcoming wedding, that is so cool that we have the same dates. =) I wasn't going to make wedding posts on my blog since it is a book blog but a lot of people were e-mailing me asking me what colors I was doing and what not, so that is why I am doing the post every Wednesday.. =) So, what colors are you doing??
    And I totally agree, it seems like April is so far away but it really isn't!!